Thanks…and an update.

Thanks to everyone who is visiting the site and adding your information to the surveys.  Have a look at the ‘Map’ page; it’s kind of interesting. At least we know where to target our flyers!  It would be very appreciated if you could get the word out on your road and ask any of your neighbours who are also affected (afflicted?!) to come to the website and add their information.  There are flyer to download at the side (over there —>>>)

I’m getting some great feedback from people about how good it feels to know that there are others experiencing the same problem. Some of you thought it was just your home (and children!)  Hopefully this campaign will take the heat off them for a little while!

We’ve had 20 surveys completed as of right now. This is heartening, as the site has only been ‘live’ for 3 days and we’ve only had a brief opportunity to get out and drum up awareness.  We will be trying to get flyers put into mailboxes and posted at local convenience stores, etc.. Thank you to Carolyn for suggesting haveing a presence at the Inglewood Farmers’ Market on Wednesday night…we’ll be there. Any other ideas for places to put flyers up or to hand them out, would be appreciated.  Help doing so would be even MORE appreciated. 🙂  But we’ll take the ‘ideas’ as well and thank you for it.

The statistics so far:

63 people in 20 households have been impacted, of those households 44% are in Caledon, 31% in Peel, 24% in Halton, and 1% in Other.

76% are in rural residential and the remaining 24% are considered farms.

77% of respondents have been drastically affected. 

This is a brief synopsis of the data so far. I thought you’d be interested to hear about it.

After the coming weekend, as we get more people on board, we will be inviting the media to start to really pay attention to this grass-roots (literally!) movement.

Again, thanks for the support and please go out and round up more people to come to the website and submit their information!


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