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So, what is it that we want?

Too much!So, we know what we’re against. Internet service that is priced well beyond the affordablilty of an average household.

But what is it that we’re ‘for’, what is it that we want?

I’m sure we don’t want something for nothing and that everyone understands that prices do go up.  Slightly. Usually in small increments over a period of time, not from $50 to $500 in a single month.

Speaking for my own household, I am pleased with Bell’s actual internet access — it has been, for the most part, reliable, fast and convenient for connecting wirelessly to other devices. I would like to keep it. If I could afford it. A plan on par with my neighbours two minutes down the road in the subdivision, with the option of paying a reasonable amount for a higher quota, should I want to, would be reasonable.  And fair.

I understand that higher bandwith on a mobile network is a different technical issue. According to Bell’s excecutive office, the system would ‘break’ if they allowed customers higher download quotas.  Ironically though, the sytem seems to be able to keep up quite nicely and the billing department has no issues with billing us for the supposed high bandwiths we are all using at the moment.  I was told that the reason that they discontinued the Unplugged service was because it kept breaking down. In which case, they did a wonderful job of repairing it all the time without ever letting us know, as I, and many I’ve spoken with, never had an issue with the service.

I would be happy (well, maybe the word is  just ‘content’ at this point) to stay with Bell, but I would readily transfer to Rogers if they, seizing an opportunity to scoop some market share could offer me what Bell won’t.   And perhaps vice versa for those of you using Rogers service. That’s just me (Joan D.), personally.

What about you?  What is it that YOU want?  Join the discussion. 


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